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Friday, 5 January 2018

Torrentfinder a simple bash program to find Top torrent is a "simple" bash script that uses wget, grep, etc. to list the top 5 torrents found on each of the 8 sites based on the search you made. tested and working on archlinux TorrentFinder should work on any other linux distro, i've seen problems when using OSX. I have tested it in cygwin and it's working just fine

Sites it scans

The piratebay
Iso Hunt
Torrent Hound
Lime Torrents

Installation and usage

git clone
 cd TorrentFinder

1 comment:

  1. I'll be truly glad to test this development but for Windows, I needed some additional programs would help me work with file extensions without delay. In most cases, I use a universal tool with realization what is torrent file and how can I use it for my own non-commercial purposes after downloading.
    Usually, it takes only about 10-15 minutes to download a nice movie,

    so I'll use the torrents endlessly, as long as it's possible)


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