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Sunday, 21 January 2018

malice: VirusTotal Wanna Be - Now with 100% more Hipster

Malice's mission is to be a free open source version of VirusTotal that anyone can use at any scale from an independent researcher to a fortune 500 company.

Setup Docker (OSX)


Install Docker for Mac
Install with homebrew.

$ brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
$ brew cask install virtualbox
$ brew install docker
$ brew install docker-machine
$ docker-machine create --driver virtualbox --engine-storage-driver overlay malice
$ eval $(docker-machine env malice)

Getting Started (OSX)


$ brew install maliceio/tap/malice

Scan some malware

$ malice scan evil.malware

Start Malice's Web UI

$ malice elk
You can open the Kibana UI and look at the scan results 
here: http://localhost (assuming you are using Docker for Mac)
 Type in malice as the Index name or pattern and click Create.

Now click on the Discover Tab and behold!!!

 Get malice



 Creator Github

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