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Thursday, 7 December 2017

njRAT 7.0 remote access trojan

njRAT, also known as Bladabindi, is a Remote Access Tool or Trojan which allows the holder of the program to control the end user's computer. It was first found in June 2013 with some variants traced to November 2012. It was made by Arabic speaking criminals and was often used against targets in the Middle East. It can be spread through phishing and infected drives. It is rated "severe" by the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.
You can download njRAT from here and can use it in hacking and:
  • Remote into the victim's desktop or active window
  • See the victim's IP, full computer name, full username, OS, install date, and country
  • Remotely execute a file from disk or URL
  • Manipulate files
  • Open a remote shell, allowing the attacker to use the command line
  • Open a process manager to kill processes
  • Manipulate the system registry
  • Record the computer's camera and microphone
  • Log keystrokes
  • Steal passwords stored in browsers or in other applications.


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