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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Facebook messenger desktop application for Ubuntu 64bit

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In this tutorial we are going to look at how to install a third-party Facebook Messenger Linux client on Ubuntu. The app is called Messenger for Desktop, available for Linux, OS X and Windows.
Messenger for Desktop features:
  • Make HD voice and video calls anywhere in the world.
  • Snap photos and shoot videos
  • Thousands of Stickers
  • Record voice messages
  • Group chat
  • Launch on OS startup
  • Native notifications
  • Custom themes
You can download the Application for Ubuntu from Here.
After the deb packages is downloaded, open a terminal window and navigate to the download folder. Then install it with the following command.
sudo dpkg -i messengerfordesktop*.deb
Once installed, you can start it from Unity dash or your application menu.

Messenger for Desktop is installed in /opt/messengerfordesktop/ directory. You can also start it with this command:
Sign in with your Facebook account.

And there you have it.

SSL Error

Some users report that they have encountered SSL error when opening the app. If you launch Messenger in the terminal, you may find this error message.
To solve this problem, you can download the latest beta release of Messenger for Desktop on Github. Once downloaded, install it with the following command:
sudo dpkg -i Messenger_linux*.deb
If for any reason you want to remove this app, run the below command:
sudo apt remove messengerfordesktop
And that’s it! We hope this tutorial helped you install Facebook Messenger Linux client on your Ubuntu machine.

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