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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Check you website for Vulnerability and save it from getting hacked

Today i will show you a easiest way to check your site for XSS (cross site scripting), RFI (Remote file inclusion). These are the popular way to hack into web server or rooting them. So we have a program which is based on Perl.To run this program we need Perl so you have to install it on your computer so first download Perl from here :  DOWNLOAD


OK now after installing  Perl you have to go to the program's website and copy that code which you will get on that website then paste it to your notepad etc, etc but to save time i have already done this for you and saved the program to my cloud drive so just download the program from here : DOWNLOAD

Please note i am only sharing this program. Credits and thanks to Author for this program

Now after downloading the program you have to just run the it  (as usual you do) and follow below steps

STEP 1: Choose number 4 to check for both XSS and LFI

 STEP 2 : Now your website name which you want to test

STEP 3 : Now enter your website shell link

STEP 4 : Now you will see that the scan has been started and you will test result on your screen that your website is vulnerable or not

That's it guys now use this program and check for vulnerability of your site and fix it ( if any)
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