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Friday, 2 June 2017

Headset: A new way to listen music on your PC from YouTube

As well known by everyone, today YouTube is home to the largest collection of music in the world. Many of us spend hours listening to the music stored there, but not always using the web browser to listen to the songs is a good idea.Headset app cover
Headset is a really good application to listen music directly from You tube on your Windows, Mac or Linux. You can listen any music that is available on You tube with this application and you don't need to watch the video like on You tube. Headset let you stream your favorite musics and also create a collection of your favorite music using this application. 
Headset app screen
There is a library of millions of songs on Headset Application and its totally free. You can create your own playlist and customize it in the way you want.
headset app customize
This is a very fast and simple application with integrated search option. It has a home screen with a popularity list by genres and epochs. The best of your options is perhaps a radio powered by Reddit . In the popular network there are multiple subreddits dedicated to discovering and sharing new music or rediscovering jewels of the past. The radio feature will allow you to treat your music subnets as personal radio stations.
While this application makes it possible to convert YouTube into a streaming music service , it has some annoying features. The main annoyance is that Headset has to show the video in an external window to be able to comply with the rules of YouTube. This is something that you can not even see at first, since it is an older window that is minimized by default. In case the maximizes you can re-minimize it, but do not close it completely. If you do the program would close and stop playing the music.
annoying feature
Headset is an open source project whose code is available on GitHub or on its website. Headset is built using Electron, so expect it to use a lot of RAM. Only the Electron wrapper is open source (the core of the application is not). You can download the application different platforms like: Windows, Ubuntu and macOS.

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