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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The easiest way to recover your deleted files

This may happen to all of us that our important data or files get deleted by mistake.So their is no  undo option in Recycle bin to get them back.Now the question is  how can we restore our deleted data ?

 Actually  when you delete files from hard drives the operating system deletes the pointers to the file and in the FAT (file Allocation table) or MFT(master file table) the space occupied by the file is mark as available means the space is no longer reserved for the file that you deleted and the file is not readable by the operating system.Simply the file is still on the hard drive until you don't save the other file to the same directory,so this make some possibilities to recover  the deleted data.

 But there are lot of software available on internet that promises to recover deleted files,and most of them just come only with trial version you have to pay them to use their  full feature.So it is very difficult to download test all of them or pay them (don't even think of it). So i have filtered these program and going to tell you which is the trusted program that will make its promise to recover your data. I formatted my 80GB data to make and to prove this tutorial so that you can save your time by just following some simple steps.

So first of all you have to download a program name Active file recovery that i have already uploaded on cloud storage ( i am not cracker for this program),so first get the file from :HERE

Step 1: After installation of program open and choose the path or drive from where your files get deleted as i am choosing "D" which i formatted for tutorial

Step 2:OK now just select super scan (you can go for quick scan if you are not in hurry)

Step3: Now let it finish the super scan

Step4: Done??!! Now go to signature files

Step5: Now select all files right click and choose recover

Step6: Choose your desire recovery location and then it will start restoring you files

so when the program wil finish recovery the you will get you files like as shown below.

So guys follow above tutorial and recover your lost data
Special Thanks to Shaquib izhar for sharing his posts with us

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