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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hack WinRAR password by using Brute force attack

Winrar have option to password protect your files in it.Some times we got password protected rar files or we forget our password so we go online to search to crack password of these type of rar files.Some website tell about some program who promises to decrypt the password, But unluckily there are lots of spam ,advertisement, on internet who ask you to complete the survey to download the program that can unlock the password and absolutely that's a spam,some websites also provide direct link downloadable  program to crack rar password but when we download them instead of doing that, they install lots of unwanted sponsors software and make your PC slower.But now we have a easiest way to get the password of rar file by using brute force attack. No spam,no survey,no unwanted software and with proof.So lets start the hack and follow some simple  step by step guide given below.

 1 > For example i am going to set password in rar file

2> Now when ever i am trying to unrar the file its asking for password.

3>Now i am going to use a program name rar password unlocker to do brute force attack on rar file.(I have uploaded the program with crack so after this tutorial you can download the program from the given link below,installation instruction given in the upload)

4> Now run the program and click open.

5>Now select your encrypted file to unlock it.

5>Now go to recovery and choose Brute force attack (all possible combination) if you dont know anything about password combination that what type of password is like alphanumeric.

 6 > Now choose start  to start brute force attack to the file and let the process finish.

7> Now here we got tha password for the rar file

Please note Brute force attack can take lots of time if the password length is too much ,(depend on the bit size of the password) and need better processor and a faster ram,So now you know what to do for hacking rar password .

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