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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to get hacker looks in your smartphone

Believe it or not but the one thing which is common between all hackers is that they look different, not from there face but from there smartphone.

They have very cool looking customization in their smartphone and PC.

Today I will tell you how to get the same or better looks in your Android smartphone.

Let's get started,
 hacker looks in your smartphone.

1. Install Nova Launcher.

This is important that you have Nova Launching (or any third party launcher) . It will give you full customization and the best part is that it takes less battery and power.

 your phone will run more  smoother after installing Nova Launcher

There is two version of this app 

1. Free with less features

2. Paid with full features (get the paid version for free  here).

You can try the free or paid version as you like.   

2. Install Min Icon pack

This is an icon pack that will give you small and minimal icons on you home screen and app drawer.

There are 2 variant of Min icon pack available.

1. A white colored icons pack - It looks best on black backgrounds. (Recommended) Min icon pack play store link

2. A black colored icons pack - It looks best on white backgrounds. minore icon pack link

There are many icon packs with different iconography.
This suits best if you want to get hackers looks

3. Get a black wallpaper

This will add a nice hacker like feel on your home screen as well as save battery consumed because black wallpaper take low battery power.
Some good wallpapers are.


4. Customize Nova launcher

To customize Nova just change the following settings:

1. Setting > Night mode > Set to always > make app drawer, folder to ON.

2. Setting > Look and feel > icon pack > set To Min Icon pack.

3. setting > app drawer > swipe to open > ON

3. Setting > app drawer > swipe indicator > ON.

Then your phone will look something like what you seen in the screen shots. In the near-to-come future I will tell you how to get hackers look in your Windows PC.

* Note: if you are using Nova launcher from before, so clear its data by:
Setting > app setting > Nova launcher > Clear data.

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