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Monday, 20 February 2017

#5 tricks to search Google like a pro

This blog is inspired by a girl I met last Saturday.

She want to know what is " simple harmonic motion " so she asked me, but unfortunately I don't know that so I suggested her to google about this.
She replied that she don't get relevant results on google.

Then I got that there are many people who get unexpected results while searching on Google.

So, this is for all those who don't get the expected results while searching on google.

Let's get started.

#5 tricks to search Google like a pro.

1. Use "quotes" for special words

Using quotes on a specific word or a sentence indicates that you want the site which have all the keyword (the words you type in Google search box) you typed in.

By this way Google serve you more relevant results as compared to non quote keywords.

For ex:  you want to search for gadget mentor's guide how to hack WiFi.
but it gives a lot of other stuff so try gadget mentor "  how to hack WiFi " for better results.


2. Use site:

This is very useful Google trick if you are searching for a single Website.

It sort the the search result for your keyword on the website you want.

For example:  if you want to search for 5-tips to secure your online payment by www.gadgetmentor.tk you can simply search like -
Site: www.gadgetmentor.tk 5 ways to secure your online payment.

3. Use (inurl: ....)

This is simple like site: but this can save a lot of time when you want to get a doc, PDF, exe file.

This works same as the above mentioned site: ... But the slight difference is that site only search for domain name like gadgetmentor.tk,
while this search to the whole URL to include the keyword.

For example:
if you want to get a PDF of a book named " moz seo guide "
then type -
(Inurl: PDF) moz seo guide.

This will give you a direct
link to that file.

4. Use AND (&&), OR (||)

This is something more typical and also less known.

By chance Google support AND, OR to distinguish search results and it make it's way something like this,

For example:

you want a result between bag pack OR school bag so you have to type - backpack || school bag.

* The point to remember is to write AND as &&, OR in ||.

5. Using tabs
This is one which doesn't need a mention to regular users.

It is always better to remind that google have different tabs like Images, News, Videos and much more, for whose who are searching for a specific type of information or something in a other file format.

For example: searching for Mac wallpaper will reveal many website.

Instead the image tab will give a collection of images from all site in the list.

These were the few tricks that will help you. ☺ to get better search results on google and save a lot of time.

* Using these tricks on the Google.com page  OR Google app rather than in  browser's default search bar will be a better idea.

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