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Sunday, 18 December 2016

5 Tips to secure Your Online Payment

whether you are booking movie ticket or making bank transactions everything can be done online using "Online Banking, Credit Cards and Debit Cards". 

They are super easy and provide a time saving way to pay, now a days some stuff are only available online giving it a upper-hand than conventional ways of paying. 

The best part is your card or smartphone is enough to do shopping, booking shows and much more without going anywhere. But every coin has two faces and the bad part in making cashless payments is they are more prone to cyber crime, don't get afaird I'm here to tell you the best practices to make secure online payments. 

Ways to make secure online payments.

#1 Use Trusted websites or wallets 
this is most common advice that anyone would give you to use trusted websites and wallet apps, using a less known website is like inviting a hacker to get your personal details. 

use these ways to test a website's trustability: 

* check that they have a secure (https) connection this is visible in the website url something like ("https://www.gadgetmentor.blogspot.com"), don't use website starting like ("http://www.example.com"). 

* Ask your friends and family member that they know about the website, if they never listen about it I strongly recommend to not to use the website. 

* before using mobile wallets make sure they provide you all the necessary utility like bill paying, money transfer and mobile recharge, etc.. according to your daily use. 

#2 Taking Caution While Connecting

Take a caution before connecting your device with a printer or anything else, because now-a-days hackers are using printers, scanners to hack other devices and get sensitive details, I'll not go deep in it but suggest you to take caution before connecting to external device. I'll suggest to avoid printers which are publically used. 

#3 Always Sign Out 

this is really important to always sign out of the websites and wallets when you have done, this protect you when someone use your smartphone or laptop, also delete the browser cookies for more protection. 

#4 Use a Strong Password 

this is also very recommended to use a strong yet easy to remember password because a good password-cracker can do 1000-attempts per second but don't worry just make your password in 8-15 chacacter which should be a mix of Upper-case, Lower-case, numbers and symbols,avoid dictionary words,use something like: "Tdse!43$$" 

#5 Don't Use Public Wi-fi or Computer

Always use your own gadgets for making online payments don't use cyber cafes or laptop of any less trusted person. Certainly using public wifi is giving invitation to vulnerability, so use your own network connection for secure transaction.


  1. Great really helpful in these conditions to make transaction safe

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful, stay in touch to get more updates like that


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