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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Apple MacBook Pro full Specs

The new MacBook Pro 13-inch will include the 6th-gen dual-core i7 processor, which is a modest upgrade from the 5th-gen i7 available with the previous MackBook Pro. Sadly, Apple chose to not use the latest available 7th-gen Core hardware. 
The older MacBook Pro and the latest model also both tout 16GB of RAM.

The new MacBook Pro is 67 percent brighter than the previous generation (500 nits), and features more contrast and a wider color gamut (P3) as well. Larger pixel aperture and high-efficiency LEDs also enable the new device to consume 30-percent less power than its older counterpart.
Resolution, however, is the same on the previous-gen MacBook Pro as the forthcoming model — 2,560 x 1,600.


The latest MacBook Pro is the lightest and thinnest MacBook ever created. The new model is a mere 14.9-millimeters thick and weighs just 3 pounds, rendering it 17-percent thinner with 23-percent less volume than the last-gen MacBook Pro, for the 13-inch model.
But there is a potential disappointment lurking in the new MacBook Pro. The battery is much smaller. The MacBook Pro 13’s battery has decreased from 74.9 watt-hours, to 49.2 watt-hours.

the latest MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter than the last-gen model. The new model also utilizes a redesigned, aluminum unibody. This eliminates the exterior plastic present on previous models, including the popular Apple icon on the back, which is now a sleek engraving. Its best update is the touch bar on top of the keyboard. MacBook Pro also lacks SD card slot, MagSafe and HDMI ports and Thunderbolt 2 ports.
It is available on Amazon.


  1. Please the price on amazon is too expensive, can i get it anywhere else? Thanks

    1. Can I know from which country you are? Because in India it costs around $3600


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