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Friday, 28 October 2016

Buying guide for smart phone

Smartphone market is growing every day and tons of smartphone are coming to the market and choosing the best is tougher than ever so here is the guide to select the best smartphone for you.

1. select your budget..
select the price range in which you want to buy the smartphone and remember higher the price, better the smartphone and lower the price ,it will better fit in the budget and also remember the price will also vary according to your smartphone quality for ex. owning an iphone will be far more costlier than choosing one plus 3.

2. choose your prorities..

make the list of the features you want in your smartphone according to your daily usage and personal preferences remember don't try to get the best and the latest possible hardware until you really need it because it will cost you a huge cost and ultimately no profit.

3. checking the smartphone online ..
sometimes we get the best value of money by purchasing the smartphone online and some smartphones are only available online making it more better than the offline shops. As online shopping websites provide sale or special festive offers so also take track of online offers ,so you can get the best deal possible

4. knowing the specs .. For choosing the best smartphone you should know the basic factors which affect the smartphone performance..

OPERATING SYSTEM( OS) : The os is the factors which manages the smartphone hardware in short it really makes the smartphone "SMART" there are 3 major os'es of smartphone ANDROID : android is most used OS world wide, about 80% of smartphone are powered by android. It is flexible, user friendly and open source operating system. most importantly they are much cheap than other os's. there are many vendors producing android smartphone. so you have more choices and many flavours available for android. IOS : The most advanced operating system in terms of speed, security, and user experience is best for the business persons, artists. it comes which the best utilty apps for daily usage but ios phones are little costlier than other vendors. WINDOWS : It is just like desktop windows like but less app availability, limited funtionality is making this os less preferable.

PROCESSOR : processor is the heart of the smartphone the power of the smartphone depends upon the processor and more processor better the power but lesser the battery back up. so choose according your usage for a heavy gaming user a snapdragon 820, apple A10 will be the best available option.

RAM : all the functions require ram for funtioning so more the ram better the experience and better the apps on smartphone will work .

DISPLAY : S-AMOLED, OLED, IPS, TFT all have their own qualities but IPS,S-AMOLED will provide you best display experience for watching videos, playing games and surfing internet.

CAMERA : The smartphone camera is a major deal as craze of selfies is ever increasing so a good camera should be fast, accurate and more color reproductive. take a look at its aerture size(more is better), megapixel(more is better), focus time (less is better)

BATTERY : Be sure to choose the battery so can be always in power normally a battery back up depends upon usage for heavy gaming and all day strong usage you should need a battery minimum of 3000 mAh or more.
STORAGE : Its simple and clear more the storage more the songs, videos, appps .there are external storage option available in many smartphone so also keep an eye on that.

so that's all i have to say and bye till the next blog coming soon. !!! HAVE NICE DAY AHEAD.

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